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    she has the power to make rainbows.


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    "Is this a manip or not?"
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    Can we talk about the looks on Rachel’s face in this scenes? This is the look of defeat, knowing she never has a chance with the one she loves. This is the look of pain and heart-broken, knowing the one she loves never look at her direction and sees the love and affections she has for them. And this is the look of regret, knowing she isn’t the one who makes them happy, the happiness shining in their eyes isn’t brought by her.

    Rachel Berry is in love with Quinn Fabray and you can’t convince me otherwise

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    Achele recently (◠‿◠✿)

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    Can we also just talk about the fact that earlier in this scene, Quinn says, “Rachel was Finn’s soul mate.”  Not, “Rachel and Finn were soul mates.” or even, “Finn was Rachel’s soul mate.”

    This has been driving me crazy since I watched the scene and I think I finally figured out why:

    Sure, Rachel could have been Finn’s soul mate, and I think that’s a fair assumption for Quinn (I don’t believe it for a second) to make, and it probably took a lot for her to admit, but Finn was never Rachel’s. 

    Let’s be honest here, Quinn has always been very concerned about the social hierarchy, her status, and for some reason she has always considered boys as stepping-stones for a secure future. She relies on them. She preaches independence but needs Finn in order to win prom queen. Sometimes I can’t tell if she’s a hypocrite or a genius that knows how to get what she wants.

    Now, here’s the thing, when it comes to Rachel, she absolutely cannot and will not stand to see her settling. As someone who once LITERALLY described her future as working in real estate while her husband owned a tire shop, which to her I’m sure is the epitome of a Lima Loser, she is dead set on not allowing Rachel to fall victim to that life. She pushed Rachel to move on from Finn and when that didn’t work, she pushed Rachel to hold off on their wedding. 

    Even though Quinn was willing to settle with Finn in Lima, she’s always known that he wasn’t her soul mate, just like she’s always known that Finn wasn’t Rachel’s soul mate, either. When Puck asks her who her soul mate is, she doesn’t answer.

    What’s amazing to me is that she probably knows that Rachel is her soul mate, and maybe she knows that she could be Rachel’s as well, but she’ll never admit it. She’s been brutally honest with Rachel on just about everything, but not that. Because for Quinn Fabray, the only thing more heartbreaking than settling is rejection. And I think that’s heartbreaking in itself, because she’s still going to end up settling. This girl, this complex, insecure, beautifully tragic girl will settle with a stepping stone rather than take a risk to be with her soul mate.

    She’ll never have Rachel so she runs after Puck.

    And that fucking drives me crazy. 

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    Dianna Agron in 6 words

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